“Afterlife and My Men”

by Iztok Klančar

Opening ceremony with the artist:
Saturday May 10th, 5-8 pm
Exhibition dates:
May 10th – June 21st, 2014

Ten Haaf Projects is pleased to announce “Afterlife and My Men,” a solo show presenting two photo stories by visual essayist Iztok Klančar.

As a result of the artist venturing into the world of the two men who shaped his life, “My Men” explores the specifics of intimacy. Presented in the form of video, photo book and selected prints, the imagery alternates between romantic, literal, evocative and shocking. By working with both photography and moving image, Iztok Klančar is able to not only combine the imagery with sound and text to create a video featuring fast and brutal sequences, but also compose an accompanying book that gives the story a metaphoric depth.

The more recent project “Afterlife,” is a continuation of “My Men” in the photographic sense, presented as a selection of individual prints and sequences on long paper rolls. Using the same seemingly informal approach, Iztok Klančar took this series of photos in an instinctive way, while rethinking relationships through intimate encounters, be it with friends or lovers. As a result, this personal diary of a thirty-year-old pulsates with life and constantly switches between human rawness and poetry of nature. There are plans to publish this freshly launched sequel as a book in the upcoming summer.

Born in 1980, Iztok Klančar studied art history both in Berlin as well as in his home country of Slovenia, and earned his Bachelor of Photography from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Currently based in Utrecht, he has participated in several group exhibitions throughout the Netherlands, including last year’s Pop-up Pride in Amsterdam and Steenbergen Stipend at the Nederlands Fotomuseum in 2012.