''An ode to felling trees''

By Menno Pasveer

Opening with the artist:
Saturday September 9th, 5-8 pm
Exhibition dates:
September 9th - November 4th 2023

Ten Haaf Projects is pleased to announce “An Ode to Felling Trees’’, a solo
exhibition by Menno Pasveer.

A recent graduate from the fine arts department of the Royal Academy of Art in
The Hague, Pasveer produced 15 new paintings for his first solo exhibition,
varying from realism to complete abstraction. The series touches on the beauty
of physical labor, craftsmanship and machinery. The viewer is immersed in
scenes of chainsaws, flying wood chips, jerrycans and craftsmen diligently
working high up in trees.

Menno Pasveer examines the formal aspects of painting, such as grisaille, the
interplay of transparent and opaque layers, and the intensity of different types of
brushstrokes. Sometimes the work requires an ultra thin brush. Then again, he
also works with a 15-centimetre wide spatula or a sponge. He even used a
chainsaw as a brush.

“An Ode to Felling Trees” is just as much an ode to the beauty of working class
craftsmanship as it is to the craft of painting.

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Menno Pasveer, born in 1998 in Schiedam, graduated last year from the painting
department of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague with his body of work: “An
Ode to the Floor Cleaning Industry”. His graduation work led to winning the
Rotary Pulchri Studio Prize 2022 and he is currently nominated for the Piket Art
Prize 2023.