“As the sun kisses the horizon”

By Koos de Vries

Opening with the artist:
Saturday May 18th 17:00 – 20:00
Exhibition dates:
May 18th – June 29th, 2024

Ten Haaf Projects is pleased to announce “As the sun kisses the horizon,” a solo
exhibition with works by Koos de Vries (NL). Displayed are large canvases and
drawings: all self-portraits of the artist.

Koos de Vries created all these works over the course of a year. During this span
of time he made numerous drawings, sketches and paintings. The artist imagined
himself in various situations and in different periods in history, depicting what
role in society he could have had back then. Through these portraits, the artist
examines every aspect of his personality.

In some works there is just one figure of the artist in a landscape. For instance, in
one we see the artist appears as Bacchus, happy and indulging wine. In another,
the artist is sitting in a bath with a melancholic gaze in his eyes. The artist depicts
various figures, all representing himself. There is a canvas with three figures in
different states of laziness and boredom, tanning at a swimming pool. On view is
also a piece portraying the artist dressed in classical Greek armour, fighting a
copy of himself.

In this body of work, Koos de Vries experiments with different artistic
techniques. The drawings on paper and works on canvas are created using
diverse materials. Some works were done in pencil, acrylic, or oil, while others
were applied with an airbrush.

The title “As the sun kisses the horizon” refers to a dream Koos de Vries once
had, in which the artist appears as a bright sun, shining his light on everybody: a
narcissist thought that fits this exhibition, where all aspects of the artist and his
psyche come to light.

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Koos de Vries was born in 1993 and studied at the Sint Joost Academy in Den
Bosch. He lives and works in Nijmegen. His work has been shown in The
Netherlands, Italy and in Germany. This is his first solo exhibition at Ten Haaf