“Dis Ease”

By Judas Companion

Opening with the artist:
Saturday February 5th, 5-8 pm
Exhibition dates:
February 5th – March 19th, 2022

Ten Haaf Projects is pleased to announce “Dis Ease”, a solo exhibition by Judas Companion. Displayed are works on paper, as well as facemasks knitted by hand.
The artist created her alter ego Judas Companion in 2016. Through her work, she examines the impact of suppressed emotional feelings on mental and physical health. The artist creates works around her inner struggle as a way to cope with life and balancing reality.

Among her latest works on paper, the mixed media paintings all depict faces. Both figurative and expressive, they show a range of different moods of creatures that the artist calls “Hungry Ghosts”. The inspiration of the “Hungry Ghosts” arose from reading a book about physical addiction, written by author and physician Gabor Mate.

The series of masks on display are hand-knitted and embroidered with objects. They seem elegant at first glance, but upon second glance often reveal to be grotesque. Every work reflects a different feeling of Judas Companion. Wearing these masks, the artist is able to conceal her identity, whilst revealing her deepest feelings to the viewer at the same time. Therefore, the masks become alter egos or fractures of the psyche of the artist, manifesting her darkest to lightest thoughts.

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Judas Companion aka Jasmin Reif was born in 1984 in Germany. She studied at the Art Academy Düsseldorf under Hubert Kiecol, at Saint Martins College London and at Goldsmith University London. She currently lives and works in London. This show is her first solo exhibition with Ten Haaf Projects.

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