“Even a Broken Clock is Right Twice”

An exhibition curated by Peer Vink

Opening with the artists and New Year's Reception:
Saturday January 13th, 5-8 pm
Exhibition dates:
January 13th – February 24th, 2024

Ten Haaf Projects is pleased to announce “Even a Broken Clock is Right Twice”, an exhibition curated by the artist Peer Vink (b. 1990, NL). This group show displays drawings by seven artists,selected based upon their shared joy and energy. Through the presented selection, Vink attempts to show a diverse body of work. Although all these artists work in the same medium of drawing, they vary in the final translation. Additionally,included in the exhibition are drawings by Vink himself.

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Joost Elsschot (b. 1990) is a Dutch artist living and working in Antwerp (BE). He works in different mediums, such as drawing, sculpture and performance. He is interested in absurdism and surrealism, which appears evident in his colourful figurative drawings.

The American artist Darius Airo (b.1995) is based in Chicago (US). His work is influenced by the graffiti scene of New York in the 1980s and the photography of Martha Cooper. Another influence of his is the cartoonist Robert Crumb. His work is cartoonesque and has elements pop culture.

Noa Verkeyn (b.1997) is a Belgian artist living and working in Antwerp (BE). While for some artists drawing is merely a sketch for a painting or a sculpture, her drawings are her primary visual language. The work is full of symbolism and mysticism, often depicting hearts, crystal glasses and thorn stems.

The British artistAyesha Ghaoul (b. 1994) lives and works in Copenhagen (DK). The artist applies different mediums. She finds inspiration from personal memories and her works serve as a transformative journey. Her creative process functions as a form of healing, through which she tries to fight loneliness.

Jim Mooijekind (b.1992) is a Dutch artist living and working in Haarlem (NL). His work depicts strange figures in various situations set in absurd landscapes. Often it is done in primary colours. Although his artwork is full of humour, his subjects often deal with existential crises.

The Dutch artist Koos de Vries (b.1993) lives and works in Nijmegen (NL). His work is narrative and depicts people in landscapes. He is interested in the tragedy of mankind, but always tries to include an element of humour. The male subjects in his work often resemble himself.

Peer Vink (b. 1990) is a Dutch artist living and working in Amsterdam (NL). He works in different mediums, such as painting, printing and sculpture. His work has elements of pop culture and classical mythology. Peer Vink is an artist who likes to renew his artistic output by finding new materials to work with.
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