‘’Everything, except a dance performance’’

by Sebastian Weggler

Opening party with the artist:
Saturday March 14th
Exhibition dates:
14th March - 26th of May 2012

Ten Haaf Projects is pleased to announce: ‘’Everything, except a dance performance’’ an exhibition by German artist Sebastian Weggler (1983).

Sebastian Weggler is an artist whose work is hard categorise; his subjects various just as widely his material use. In his first solo show, Weggler will show very diverse kind of works: clay miniature cabinets, works made of dead flies, felt carpets, sculptures and drawings.

Though hard to put in one box: there are returning similar themes and ideas throughout Weggler his work: absurd sarcastic humour, and questions arise more then answers are given.

What is the difference between industrialised mass production and an unique work of art? In his hand made wool carpets Weggler examines this idea, his carpets could easily be just as valuable as the Bayeux Goblins, or neat version of an IKEA one.

His art works made of dead flies, could just as easily been shown in a Natural History museum, though they depict romantic landscapes, like a postcard sent by elderly people on a Rhine cruise.

In his self - portrait as a mafia victim, Weggler made a life size figure rolled in carpet, as if he was to be ditched in the river. Looking at his miniature clay cabinet we see terrorist in their hideout just as former president Bush portrayed them before ‘’smoking them out of their holes’’. Though the cave is cozy, and the terrorist play cards.

In ‘’Everything except a dance performance’’ we will see great examples of Folk Art, High Art, Low Art and No Art. This is Sebastian Weggler first show outside of Germany. Elephant Magazine issue 10 will have a feature on Sebastian Weggler.