“Fresh Fruits”
by Rebecca Agnes, Ofri Cnaani, Georgina Gratrix and Mara Joustra

September 5th – October 31st, 2009
Opening Party:
Saturday September 5th, 5 - 8 pm

Ten Haaf Projects is pleased to announce “Fresh Fruits”, a show with the work of cutting edge female artists featuring: Rebecca Agnes, Ofri Cnaani, Georgina Gratrix and Mara Joustra. In an age where the art world suffers from male dominance, we would like to highlight some outstanding female artists. The artists are concerned with the question of femininity, but each integrates that in a different manner. While Joustra, Cnaani and Gratix are influenced by images from popular culture, Agnes’s work is more mathematical and influenced by science and reason.

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Rebecca Agnes (1978, Italy) her 3 works on display are in various media. Her light box, and 2 embroideries deal with evolution but at the same time are about alienation of people in new surroundings. Like a seed that you put into the soil and has to grow by itself (Agnes her body of work ‘’The big bean that landed on earth’’ 2008), people encounter problems and difficulties adapting to their surroundings. In Agnes’s work, a blueprint of mathematical matters are like the map of the human soul, complex diverse and changing.

Ofri Cnaani (1975, Israel) works in video installations as well in drawings. Her drawings are highly seductive and are an invitation to intimacy and revelation. On display are 6 of her newest drawings with ink and spray-paint on Mylar The drawings are like a film frame, and resonate with a moving image, similar to her video work. These 6 drawings and their subjects are influence by images from fashion magazines.

Georgina Gratrix (1982, South Africa) her three oil paintings are portraits of cover girls from magazines. Gratrix gets inspiration for her work from the portraiture of the old masters as well as popular culture. Her work examines the cult status of celebrity and the representation of women within the Western painting tradition.

Mara Joustra (1982, The Netherlands) who just graduated from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2009, will show her freshly painted portraits (‘’Naar de Schrijvers’’) of famous Dutch writers. Joustra who is also a writer works in various media and is influenced by great female artists as Frida Kahlo and Sophie Calle.