“Hairy Affairs”

By Sebastian Weggler

Opening with the artist and a performance by Dadarockt:
Saturday November 11th, 5-8 pm
Exhibition dates:
November 11th – December 23rd, 2023

Ten Haaf Projects is pleased to announce “Hairy Affairs”, a solo exhibition by Sebastian Weggler. Well known for constantly renewing his artistic output, Weggler utilises new methods, materials and techniques. He works in many different disciplines and is a master of handicraft, continuing millennia-old traditions. His artworks are quite diverse, though always recognisably Weggler: highly aesthetic and crafted with sarcastic elements.

This exhibition contains handmade wool tapestries woven by the artist over the past year. Some of the tapestries hang from the wall, smaller ones are displayed on the floor, while others are framed and mounted on wood. Weggler has created his own world through the ancient European tradition of displaying scenes with figures, animals and plants.

One of the works depicts strawberry plants, innocent and decorative. In contrast, looking at some of the other works, we see body parts in flesh and with meaty colours, which could even be perceived as pornographic when shown in another context. There is a work with a leopard print in bright colours. One large tapestry presents two skeletons eating spaghetti; another depicts elegantly dressed but topless women. Weggler's body of work “Hairy Affairs” meanders between good taste and vulgarity; they are beautiful and yet humorous. The texture of the wool pieces is fluffy and soft, making them difficult to resist touching.

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Sebastian Weggler was born in 1983 in Germany. His work is in both private and institutional collections. This will be his sixth solo exhibition at Ten Haaf Projects. The inauguration of the exhibition includes a performance by Ariel Alvarez aka Dadarockt on Saturday November 11th.