“Home, Sweet Home”
by Sebastian Weggler

Opening reception with the artist:
Saturday March 16th, 5-8 pm
Exhibition dates:
March 16th- May 4th, 2019

Ten Haaf Projects is pleased to announce “Home, Sweet Home”, a solo exhibition by Sebastian Weggler. Succeeding “Everything except a dance Performance” (2012), “Hail to the artist” (2014) and “Wild Men” (2017), Weggler impresses us once more. This is the artist’s fourth solo exhibition in our gallery.

Sebastian Weggler is well known for his use of different materials and work in multiple disciplines. Continually trying to renew his artistic output and finding new methods and techniques, Weggler is a master of handicraft, continuing a millennia-old tradition. While the work itself varies, his subjects are highly recognisable: often depicting Weggler in his artistic adventures with a sarcastic and humorous tone.

The show features a selection of ceramic works created over the last year and a half, including one series done in cooperation with Michael Borowiak, a ceramic artist from Düsseldorf. Borowiak made ceramics that Weggler then hand-painted and glazed. These vases and plates are of classical shapes, decorated with mythical subjects depicting monsters and heroes.

The second series of ceramics on display, composed of ceramic lamps and plates that are made by hand, then glazed and painted, is done entirely by Weggler. These pieces have a more contemporary shape and form. Since all of these works are as much aesthetic as usable, they are named “Sculptures with jobs”. The exhibition also consists of works on canvas depicting suitcases. Inside the suitcases we see Sebastian Weggler in different situations, places and eras. These self-portraits show locations where the artist has stayed or would like to go. The suitcases portray interiors decorated with artworks Weggler has made over the years. It is this series that inspired the title, “Home, Sweet Home”.

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Born in Germany in 1983, Sebastian Weggler lives and works in Düsseldorf. His work is held in both private and institutional collections.