“Imagine if I stopped being lazy”

A show by Peer Vink and Koos de Vries

Opening with the artists: September 24th, 5-8 pm
Exhibition dates:
September 24th – November 5th, 2022

Ten Haaf Projects is pleased to announce “Imagine if I stopped being lazy: the special extended edition”, a show with works by Peer Vink and Koos de Vries.

For the exhibition, the two artists produced multiple paintings and sculptures. Over several years, Vink and de Vries shared a studio. After many long nights spent working and talking, they came up with the idea to join forces on a body of work as if they were “one artist”. What happens if the ego is put aside so as to create together, combining multiple perspectives and ideas? Would they be able to collaborate on each detail of the artwork to the point where their roles could not be differentiated? Could they create a new unique visual language?

To find out, they travelled to an artist residency at Lago Maggiore in Italy and started working as a duo. The results are displayed. Works in the exhibition consist of self- portraits, icons of pop culture, still lives and a fountain. In the artists’ own words:

You are the top of the food chain. Blood, sweat and tears are your best friends. Work hard, play hard. You shape your future with your bare hands; it is you who is in control.
Success is a choice; determination is your middle name.

Don't mind the lazy, don't mind the weak. Dreams are there to chase.
Time is a scarce resource; there isn’t any time to waste.
The ashtray on your desk is filled to the brim, big clouds of steam pouring from your lungs.
While you are sipping on your Dom Perignon you start to wonder:
What if I stopped being lazy?

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Peer Vink (b. 1990) and Koos de Vries (b.1993) live and work in Nijmegen. They both studied at the Sint Joost Academy in den Bosch. Before collaborating, they both exhibited at Ten Haaf Projects with their own work. They have been shown at national and international art institutions. Their work can be found in important private collections.