“New drawings, my journey and some memories”
by Hiroki Tsukuda

Opening party with the artist:
Saturday September 10th 5-8 pm
Exhibition dates:
September 10th – October 22nd 2011

Ten Haaf Projects is pleased to announce: “New drawings, my journey and some memories” an exhibition by Hiroki Tsukuda. (Japan 1978). Hiroki Tsukuda will show his new series in ink and charcoal on paper. The artist works mostly on paper. The large works on paper are depicting architectural landscapes in black and white.

Tsukuda who has been colour blind from an early age, likes working in black and white because this is his visual world. Japan is known for high temperatures and humid weather in the summer, and for Tsukuda when that happens his eyesight changes, he sees extreme contrasty images. This kind of strong images full of contrast we see back Tsukuda his work.

Tsukuda works out of his memories. He often travels, and likes to go to places where the buildings are monumental and overwhelming. When he works in his studio he recaptures the images he has seen from his journeys. His work is dealing with contrast and an world of recollecting memories. They are compositions made of light and shadows. For the viewer it can sometimes be as if we look at an image in the night, but for Tsukuda it is his recollection of natural light Hiroki Tsukuda is a graduate from the Department of Imaging Arts and Science at Musashino Art University in Japan. He has shown in galleries and museums Japan and abroad. His work is purchased by important collections like the Thyssen-Bornemisza contemporary art foundation o.a.

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In Hiroki Tsukuda his own words: ‘’It is unknown if I have created a fancy world based on the scenery which I have seen unconsciously, or if this world has appeared suddenly in front of me based on imagination. But I like to express those fragments of scenery in my head to recollect the memory’’.