by Inna Levinson, Dawn Frasch, Misato Kuroda, Svenja ‘’Cuntess’’ Höttler

Opening party with the artists:
Saturday June 2nd, 5 - 8 pm
Exhibition dates:
June 2nd – July 21st 2012

Ten Haaf Projetcs is very pleased to announce “Sexhibition”, a groups show by four female artists on the theme ertocism. On view will be the finest examples of erotic contemporary art from around the world: Germany, USA, Japan and Ukrain. The work will be in a wide range of mediums: photograps, paintings, sculptures and an installation.

Inna Levinson a young artist from the Ukraine (1987).Her work deals with the humor and banality of sexuality. On view is a sculpture of mother Maria, not as a saint but in a sexual submissive manner . Also on view will be little sculptures made of matchboxes depicting people in sexual act full of humor.

Dawn Frasch (b. 1978) is from New York. Her paintings explore the depth of desires of sexuality, and the guilt, shame and pleasure that derives from that. Her work is based on Dutch and Flemish masters like Jeroen Bosch and Rubens, but also on Italian renaissance masters like Sandro Botticelli.

Misato Kuroda (1986) is a young artist from Japan. On view are photographs of the body of work ‘’Sawako’’. In these works she photographed herself over period of time, just after she had intercourse. Misato Kuroda gives the viewer a glimpse of her most intimate and seductive moments.

Svenja ‘’Cuntess’’ Höttler (b.1985) is an artist from Germany. Höttler shows the female as a strong and ruling person. While often the fallus symbol has been a sign of power, strength and domination, ‘’The Cuntess’’ (as she calls herself) lets the vagina rule in the same way. On view will be banners, collages and an installation celebrating the female sex organ.