"Smile and Pursue"
by Guido van Amelsfoort & Jim Mooijekind

Opening reception with the artists:
Saturday November 6th, 4-7 pm
Exhibition dates:
November 6th - December 11th, 2021

Ten Haaf Projects is pleased to announce “Smile and Pursue”, an exhibition by Guido van Amelsfoort and Jim Mooijekind.
From Guido van Amelsfoort (b.1986) we show ceramic sculptures. Influenced by graffiti and street culture, the artist developed his own visual language. He translates everyday objects and figures into fascinating works of art. The sculptures are first moulded in clay and then coloured and glazed in various ways. Some of his works are quite large, constructed out of smaller glazed pieces that are fitted together. For this exhibition some works have electronic mechanisms built in. Other sculptures produce music. A fountain, created specially for the opening reception, dispenses Japanese sake.

Jim Mooijekind (b. 1992) is an artist whose work is cartoonish and features primary colours. His smaller canvases on display in the gallery depict strange figures in various situations, set in absurd landscapes. Although his work is full of humour, it also copes with heavier matters such as self-destruction. His subjects often switch between celebrating life and facing an existential crisis. Some are in a joyful mood, while others are troubled. Yet, there is always an element of humour. Mooijekind likes to challenge the seriousness of the art world with humour and playfulness.

Van Amelsfoort and Mooijekind have made a limited edition piece specifically for the “Smile and Pursue” exhibition. Both artists’ work can be found in important private collections.

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