“Tango Mystique”
by Sebastian Weggler

Exhibition dates:
March 20th – May 1st, 2021

Ten Haaf Projects is pleased to announce “Tango Mystique”, a solo exhibition by Sebastian Weggler.

An artist well known for constantly renewing his artistic output, Weggler utilises new methods, materials and techniques. He works in many different disciplines and is a master of handicraft, continuing millennia-old traditions.

While quite diverse, the work is always recognisably Weggler; highly aesthetic, crafted with sarcastic elements. Weggler presents two new bodies of work produced over the last year: “hotel door signs” and “the works on chalkboard”.

The hotel door signs are clearly identifiable. Drawing inspiration from the classic “do not disturb” sign found in every hotel, Weggler made signs out of glazed and painted ceramics with completely different messages such as: “Beluga caviar only”.

The artwork on chalkboard series examines the use of chalkboards through the ages. Ancient scholars communicated mainly on chalkboards, which could be erased and reused. Weggler approached these works as an experiment; would a collector keep what Weggler crafted on it, or use it for his own creations? The title “Tango Mystique” originates from these works, because all of them depict figures dancing a mysterious tango.

Accompanying these two new bodies of work, there are also works Weggler started some time ago and perfected for his exhibition. For instance, his new series of stamps, old postal stamps on which Weggler depicts his own world, ceramic vases done in cooperation with artist Michael Borowiak, and his mask from the series “Wild Men”. Masks have been used all over the world throughout the centuries, for both religious and festive purposes. Weggler’s wooden masks are continuing in this tradition.

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Sebastian Weggler was born in 1983 in Germany. His work is in both private and institutional collections. This will be his fifth solo exhibition in our gallery.