“The Eutopie Effect - A model of an Ideal Society”
by Luka Kurashvili

Opening party with artist & performance by London DJ duo Invisible City
Saturday March 19th, 5-8 pm
Exhibition dates:
March 19th – April 30th, 2016

Ten Haaf Projects is pleased to announce “The Eutopie Effect - A model of an Ideal Society” by Luka Kurashvili.
Having dealt early on with political and social issues in his large-sized figurative paintings, Kurashvili’s first solo show was about dictators (“The damned and our leaders” in 2011), followed by a second about movie stars (“Made in Hollywood” in 2013).

This third solo exhibition by Kurashvili in our gallery displays large-size figurative works on canvas and paper, accompanied by abstract ornamental structures. During the opening party, a video work by Kurashvili will be on view, accompanied by a live performance by London DJ duo Invisible City (Idle Rich and Lizatron), musically framing Kurashvili’s work.

Featured at the centrepiece, his work “The Judges” shows four people sitting at a table wearing animal masks. These figures ensure that, in Kurashvili’s perfect world, every newly born child will be free and have the same opportunities regardless of its background.
In Kurashvili’s world, a child is depicted by a symbolic carrot; rooted underground, but whose leaves are above the surface. The same carrot is also a metaphor for something existing between two worlds. For Kurashvili, the hidden orange root of the carrot represents the Eutopian perfect world. Guarding this Eutopia are figures like the “Royal Guards”, with brightly painted grotesque faces. By showing the absurd, Kurashvili lets us reflect on our own world: a place where people are restricted by their background and environment.

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Luka Kurashvili was born in 1985 in Tbilisi, Georgia, and is currently in his last year at the Art Academy Düsseldorf under Peter Doig. Kurashvili’s work has been exhibited throughout Europe and can be found in private collections in Europe and Brazil.

Ten Haaf Projects gallery is still under construction. “The Eutopie Effect” will be shown in a temporary location at Geldersekade 30, 1012 BJ Amsterdam.