“The Smokers”
by Luka Kurashvili

Opening reception with the artist:
Saturday September 4th, 5-8 pm

Exhibition dates:
September 4th – October 23rd, 2021

Ten Haaf Projects is pleased to announce “The Smokers”, a solo exhibition by Luka Kurashvili, featuring his large format paintings created over the past year.

A passionate photographer, Kurashvili often uses his photographs as a starting point for his figurative paintings. From these photographs he composes smaller paintings that are then later translated into larger oil paintings.

Though using photographs, Kurashvili’s dreams and sub consciousness are of great influence in his work. In his expressive and colourful canvases, figures occupy a magical landscape. Apart from some self-portraits, other figures featuring in his work are people that have made a lasting impression on him.

Kurashvili likes to think about his work as paused film scenes, giving viewers the opportunity to create the narrative themselves. Realistic elements inhabit a dreamy landscape: a world without boundaries.

In his latest body of work on display, different people and animals are depicted in dreamy sceneries. While the figures are actually in dialogue with each other, one recognises a certain isolation and loneliness.

The image featured on the invitation depicts the artist smoking in one of these magical landscapes. Luka Kurashvili, born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1985, graduated from the Academy of Düsseldorf under Peter Doig. His work can be found in both private and institutional collections.

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