“Vom Bleiben” 

Andre Giesemann and Daniel Schulz

Opening party with the artists:
Saturday 8th September 5-8 pm
Exhibition dates:
8th September – 27th October 2012

Andre Giesemann (1980) and Daniel Schulz (1982) are two young German photographers working together on the body of work ‘’Vom Bleiben’’.

“Vom Bleiben“ documents the moment when the night has finished in a techno club. It is the moment when the visitors have left the location but their traces are still visible.

When the clubs close at daybreak, Giesemann and Schulz enter the space and the battlefield that has been left behind. As soon as the last visitor has left and the cleaning-lights are turned on, they start to photographically record the present scene and atmosphere.

The moment before everything is put back in order exists only for a short time. Giesemann and Schulz set themselves to document the temporary existence of techno clubs, because some close or change beyond recognition during time.

Many famous techno clubs are photographed in this body of work, and we see them in whole different light: not only as a place of hedonism and celebration but almost as an area where disaster has struck. The visitors who were present before left their rubble, and a spooky energy took hold of the club. The ‘’Vom Bleiben’’ photographs series are printed on Ether plan, a concrete plate, that has an uneven surface. This gives the works far more depth and a three dimensional structure.
Andre Giesemann and Daniel Schulz have never shown outside of Germany and this is their first solo show in a gallery.