“Walk on the Edge”
by Luka Kurashvili

Opening reception with the artist:
Saturday November 24th, 5-8 pm
Exhibition dates:
November 24th- December 22nd, 2018

Ten Haaf Projects is pleased to announce “Walk on the Edge”, a solo exhibition by Luka Kurashvili. This is the artist’s fifth solo exhibition at Ten Haaf Projects, in which we will show thirty-two small and four large canvases. Originally, the small works were studies for large paintings. Now, they stand by themselves.

Kurashvili often takes photographs, which he then uses as a starting point for composing his paintings. In his expressive and colourful canvases, figures inhabit magical landscapes. Kurashvili’s work depicts symbols and metaphors, giving the viewer a window into a world where place and time do not exist.

Kurashvili likes to think about his work as a paused film scene, one where the viewers have the opportunity to create the narrative themselves: a place without boundaries.

The title “Walk on the edge” describes Kurashvili’s world, in which the tensions between dreams and consciousness, reality and fantasy create another parallel world. Kurashvili likes to move between these two worlds.

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Luka Kurashvili was born in the Republic of Georgia in 1985 and graduated from the Academy of Düsseldorf under Peter Doig. Kurashvili’s work can be found in important private and institutional collections. This will be the first exhibition in our brand new space at Recht Boomssloot 63 in Amsterdam.