‘’Young Dutch Masters’’

Aldwin van de Ven, Arjan Hijbeek and Mari Stoel

Opening party and New Years reception:
Saturday 5th of January 5-8 pm
Exhibition dates: January 5th – February 16th 2013

Ten Haaf Projects is pleased to announce: ‘’Young Dutch Masters’’ a group show with 3 young Dutch artist: Aldwin van de Ven, Arjan Hijbeek and Mari Stoel. The exhibiting artist work mostly in a figurative manner, memories and feelings play a role in depicting their reality.

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Aldwin van de Ven (1980) has graduated in 2012 from The Rijksacademie. In his work Aldwin likes to explore the unexpected. Starting point is always a memory or a scrabble from the past from which he starts his journey in painting. His reality is not of one that is here, or has been, but one that originates while painting. Aldwin van de Ven is interested how an artwork comes to life while not have a fixed idea beforehand.

Arjan Hijbeek (1988) is a recent graduate from the Rietveld Academy (2012). His work shows a world that exists if things had gone different in the past. Many of his subjects are family. Arjan Hijbeek likes to examine the choices that his family made, which also have formed him.

Mari Stoel (1977) his two-dimensional work deals with landscapes. The scenes are sometimes quite normal but then again depicting a struggle for life. Stoel is influenced as well by abstract painters as Mondriaan: if we forget the figures in his work we see an abstract composition. Mari Stoel graduated at Sint JoostM MA in Den Bosch in 2010.