Tommy Smits

Tommy Smits (NL 1991) is an artist born in Den Bosch and currently based in Den Haag. He is a phographic sculptor. He claims to have invented photographic concrete, which he calls: Concretography ™. With his method he fossilizes photographs. He redefines how to conserve or frame photographs, and questions how to turn our image based world into a wasteland of Concretography™.

He grew up in Helvoirt where he started photography. In 2017 he graduated in photography from the Royal Academy of Arts Den Haag. In 2018 he time traveled to La Junquera, a future desert that used to be the south of Spain, to do a residency. In 2019 he won the third prize at a local carnaval parade in Goirle. He is chef de plonge at a good restaurant, and is fascinated by the television show ‘Forged in Fire’. He currently does not have a house, but hopes to have one in the future.

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"Uncle Tommy's triple Framebow Show"
by Tommy Smits
June 1st – July 29th, 2020

"The Island of the Dead Concrete"
by Tommy Smits
November 16th - December 21st, 2019

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